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... may be perfectly capable of preparing your own accounts and tax return but feel your time can be better spent in running your business, spending more time with your family, improving your golf swing.

... may be one of the millions of people who find the self assessment return a challenge but feel you may be missing out on a useful tax relief or allowance and therefore paying too much tax.

... may have a letter from the Inland Revenue which asks a lot of questions about your return and includes a warning about interest and penalties.

... may be happy dealing with the accounts but need help with PAYE for your employees or the VAT return.

... may be one of the thousands of people (and there is no shame in this) who find accounting and tax returns frankly confusing and would like to hand it all over to an expert.

Whatever your circumstances they are personal to you and we take trouble to understand them. Because we are a small firm we are flexible and able to meet your particular accounting and tax needs. We develop these with you as your circumstances change.

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